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Philly retro pop-rockers Dr. Dog have built a large following slowly but steadily over the past decade, largely by keeping up a maniacal touring schedule. They've just embarked on another lengthy…   Read Story »
Philadelphia's Dr. Dog and New York's Saint Rich are two bands who play dusty, lived-in '70s-style rock music. They're going on tour together later this month, and they're a natural match for each…   Read Story »
Dr. Dog is the latest indie band to release a Christmas album; their new four-track Oh My Christmas Tree EP doesn't vary much from their other albums, except for its holiday theme and occasional…   Read Story »
There's been a cool trend in music videos this past year of re-appropriating found footage. Whether it was Rhye's collection of vintage exotic dancers, or Man Man's collage of B-movie footage, these…   Read Story »
My daughter once laughed uproariously for about 10 minutes straight after she heard the words "Dr. Dog" on the car radio; that band name, it turns out, is pretty much the height of three-year-old…   Read Story »
Philly rock wailers Dr. Dog return this fall with B-Room, album number eight for the prolific band. The album takes inspiration from vintage soul music, and the first single and opening track "The…   Read Story »
Over the weekend, the Shins and Dr. Dog's episode of Austin City Limits hit PBS. Now they've posted it online and you can watch the entire thing below. Watch The Shins / Dr. Dog on PBS. See…   Read Story »
In Dr. Dog's new video for "Lonesome," the band members play vagrants who are kidnapped and forced into black hostage hoods, and then somebody throws food at them. It's weird. Watch it…   Read Story »
Philly choogle-rock crew Dr. Dog's new album Be The Void has already yielded one music video, for "That Old Black Hole." Today, it gets another, for "Warrior Man." In the clip, co-frontman Toby…   Read Story »
Last November, we posted the first single from Dr. Dog's new LP Be The Void called "That Old Black Hole," a hooky rock song warmed by the band's signature vintage vibe. Recently they posted the…   Read Story »