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Dr. Dre might not have too much to do with the current rap landscape, but he's been singing the praises of the katana-sharp young Compton MC Kendrick Lamar since before most of us ever heard of him.…   Read Story »
Somehow, billing an artist to play their most famous release, exclusively, got super vogue all of the sudden. Nas did Illmatic. Erykah Badu did Baduizm. A Tribe Called Quest did Midnight Marauders.…   Read Story »
It looks like "Kush," the supposed leaked track from Detox, is now an official part of the release. HipHopDX quotes a Dr. Dre interview with Power 106: It got leaked, and it was a version of it…   Read Story »
If you can be patient enough to sit through the numerous N.M.C. tags -- and if you've been waiting all this time to hear music from Dre's near-mythically delayed Detox, patience you have -- then…   Read Story »
You can hear beats from the long-delayed Detox in the cola's new "Trust Me, I'm A Doctor" ad campaign. In his spot, Dre claims "scientific tests prove when you drink Dr. Pepper slow, the 23 flavors…   Read Story »
Its album cover is a portrait of Marshall Mathers made out of pills, with title and street date (5/19) displayed on the prescription label. The first clever thing Eminem's done in years? Take a look…   Read Story »
In this first Relapse clip, Slim Shady picks up where he left off, lampooning all the pop culture touchstones of 2005. Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson ... no one's safe! There's even a…   Read Story »
New Line is developing Straight Outta Compton, a movie about controversial rap group N.W.A. EW reports that the film's producers (among them Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Eazy-E's widow Tomica Wright) are…   Read Story »
You guys all have watched the TRL finale on your DVR so many times by now so I don't need to tell you that when Marshall Mathers made his appearance at the MTV studios, he said you could expect his…   Read Story »
Kanye and his 808's & Heartbreak auto-tune have been taking up a lot of space on the site recently, but that doesn't mean Eminem isn't still alive. In fact, the once-retired rapper reportedly has a…   Read Story »