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Coinciding nicely with the recent run of Rolling Stones shows in town, the culprits behind the Petty Fest conjured up another stellar night with Stones Fest. Sponsored by Jameson whiskey and…   Read Story »
"This is a lot of Alpha energy to wrangle," Guster's Ryan Miller said in testament to Alex Levy and the Cabin Down Below Band's work last night. "This is a hard thing to organize." And that's…   Read Story »
This past weekend, bill-sharing fellows Reading and Leeds were tasked with distracting a nation still reeling from the death of its Oasis. Their secret weapons were unannounced sets by Them Crooked…   Read Story »
Aside from some heavy rains on Thursday and some quick showers Sunday, the throngs at Worthy Farm this year enjoyed some of the best weather in Glastonbury history. In return, the impressive lineup…   Read Story »
With Heart On in their pockets, Eagles Of Death Metal are now on a whirlwind tour taking them to 42 venues in nearly half as many countries. The Los Angeles show is always a special EODM stop,…   Read Story »
The Eagles guys are getting a lot of mileage out of this mediocre song. They passed along two video versions -- one starring pin art and one a pinhead -- and then a couple months ago brought the song…   Read Story »
So far we have ourselves pin art and pin headed videos for "Wannabe In LA." Last night EoDM fittingly took Heart On's first single on the road to Los Angeles, where they performed it for Jimmy…   Read Story »
We've seen the cover art and two "Wannabe In LA" videos, now EOD's entire Heart On is streaming at MySpace. That wasn't supposed to sound so dirty.   Read Story »
It turns out the NIN-echoing, pin art-themed video for Heart On single "Wannabe In La" wasn't the official version. It was the "pins version." Following that line of titling, this is the "Jesse…   Read Story »
Last night I was reading a "Hall Of Fame" piece on Sky Valley in the new Decibel and found myself thinking about Josh Homme's path from Kyuss to Queens Of The Stone Age and, well, to this. As…   Read Story »