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Blistering Leeds post-punks Eagulls have already shown their facility with covers by taking on Killing Joke's "Requiem," so they were a good choice to participate in the A.V. Undercover series. Their…   Read Story »
One of the best songs off Eagulls' very nice self-titled debut was the shoegaze punk of "Possessed." The band stopped by Jools Holland to perform it this week, and now the video is available online.…   Read Story »
Tomorrow marks the release of Eagulls' stellar self-titled debut, and to herald the occasion the Leeds post-punk ragers have released a video for Loveless-laced album highlight "Possessed." Plastic…   Read Story »
The Leeds punk band Eagulls first appeared on Stereogum more than three years, and they'll finally release their raw, urgent, generally badass self-titled debut album next year. We've already posted…   Read Story »
Eagulls, the Leeds punk band we first heard three years ago, will release their self-titled debut LP next month. Its current single "Possessed" was one of our 5 Best Songs Of The Week recently, and…   Read Story »
Heading into Grammy weekend, it's kind of fitting that this week's 5 Best Songs includes a couple artists with a dozen total Grammy awards under their collective belts, and another act that's up for…   Read Story »
The songs we've heard so far from Eagulls have been ferociously shouted, violently deployed post-punk anthems -- "Nerve Endings," "Tough Luck," and their cover of Killing Joke's "Requiem" among them.…   Read Story »
Eagulls have a new video out that is a tad less gross than their previous one that featured time-lapse footage of a rotting pig brain. "Tough Luck"'s clip is just as visually layered and hazy, but…   Read Story »
We've heard Eagulls kick ass covering Killing Joke and banging out their own material. Now we'll get a full album of the latter when the Leeds post-punks release their self-titled debut LP on…   Read Story »
As we mentioned in the original post on "Nerve Endings" from Leeds punk band Eagulls, the single has a Killing Joke cover as its B-side. Hear and download their version of "Requiem" below and look…   Read Story »