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Last month, we posted "Tristeza," a hay and perfectly lovely song from the Brooklyn singer and producer Lorely Rodriguez, who records as Empress Of. The song worked, more or less, as the centerpiece…   Read Story »
We haven't heard much from Pablo Díaz-Reixa's El Guincho project since the colorfully clubby tropicalia of 2008's BTW-earning Alegranzia morphed into the darker palettes of 2010's Pop Negro, but for…   Read Story »
Björk is currently in the midst of releasing a series of remixes in which folks like Death Grips and Current Value rework tracks from her 2011 album Biophilia. The latest comes from the young…   Read Story »
A couple of Best Videos Of The Week ago I mentioned how nearly every good clip that week was too long, too nude, or too violent to make it on to MTV; one was even removed from YouTube, verification…   Read Story »
If you were thinking of dressing as The Guincho for Halloween this year, you'd be smart to throw out that red jeans/hoodie promo photo from 2008. Something happened to El Guincho since earning his…   Read Story »
Before "FM Tan Sexy"'s R&B/pop-radio ghosts, it was the syncopated steel of "Bomaby" introducing us to BTW El Guincho's Pop Negro. The track now has its own NSFW video -- it's actually the…   Read Story »
Our first taste of Pop Negro, El Guincho's followup to BTW-era Alegranza, came via ebullient opener "Bombay." When asked about what went into the new collection, Pablo Díaz-Reixav mentioned that he…   Read Story »
And here comes Pablo Díaz-Reixav aka El Guincho, right when summer songlists need him most. True to the XL Records tweet that birthed it into internet consciousness, "Bombay," a track from the…   Read Story »
BTW El Guincho's second album Pop Negro is out this fall. As an ongoing bonus, he's releasing Piratas de Sudamérica, a series of limited-edition five-song EPs that are set to "run concurrently to…   Read Story »
When we first heard onetime BTW Pablo Díaz-Reixa, aka El Guincho, we were drawn in by "Antillas," a song we described as "a five-minute bundle of clattering loops and sunny harmonies." It was from…   Read Story »