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The melancholic Swedish songstress Sarah Assbring -- better known as El Perro Del Mar -- released a video for her song "I Was A Boy" off of the 2012 album Pale Fire. The video's simplicity is…   Read Story »
The video for El Perro Del Mar's skittering, assured, dance-inflected single "Hold Off The Dawn" is a beautifully shot live-in-studio thing from directors Bell And Light. It's always fun to watch…   Read Story »
Next week El Perro Del Mar will release Pale Fire, a release from which we've already heard "Walk On By" and "Hold Off The Dawn." Today, the band's posted the entire thing online and you can hear it…   Read Story »
It's been an absolutely devastating couple of days around here, so we hope this mix can be a thing you can put on and feel a sense of normalcy, or comfort. Who wouldn't be comforted by those lips,…   Read Story »
We've already heard one song from El Perro Del Mar's forthcoming Pale Fire LP -- the gorgeous, Sade-ish "Walk On By" -- and now we've got another. "Hold Off The Dawn" is a skittering, dubby synth-pop…   Read Story »
Wistful British polyglots Saint Etienne are originators in the cosmopolitan-dancepop game, and lately, Swedish pop artist El Perro Del Mar has been walking the aesthetic trail that they helped to…   Read Story »
A while back, we posted "Walk On By," the breezily bubbling but heartbroken dance-pop single from Swede-popper El Perro Del Mar. The song is rich and luxuriant, but its brand-new video, all…   Read Story »
Swede-popper Sarah Assbring, who records as El Perro Del Mar, is evidently done with the girl-group pastiche that brought her to the game, something she's already proven abundantly on recent tracks…   Read Story »
El Perro Del Mar threw something of a curve with last year's one-off "What Do You Expect?," which wound up being a snug title: Where the Swedish chanteuse had normally indulged in downcast and lush…   Read Story »
The hilariously named Swedish singer-songwriter Sarah Assbring, who understandably records as El Perro Del Mar, has already released a couple of albums of lush, downcast indie-pop. So the new El…   Read Story »