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Grimes and Elite Gymnastics/Dead Girlfriends/Default Genders dude James Brooks make up one of the most interesting and generally likable couples in music right now. They're both vocal feminists and…   Read Story »
Last week, former Elite Gymnastics songwriter James Brooks released an excellent new EP as Dead Girlfriends. As Brooks wrote on his Tumblr, the name was inspired by the radical feminist Andrea…   Read Story »
Former Elite Gymnastics member James Brooks released a new four-track EP this week called Stop Pretending under the moniker Dead Girlfriends. Its concluding cut, "On Fraternity," is a sweetly…   Read Story »
A couple of years ago, Minneapolis resident James Brooks came to our attention for making sparkling, theoretical, internet-addled pop music under the name Elite Gymnastics. (It started out as a duo,…   Read Story »
The narrative behind Steve Buscemi and Vampire Weeknd's partnership for their upcoming American Express UNSTAGED webcast (4/28) becomes more robust with today's promo videos. Before the collaboration…   Read Story »
You know you have a good friend when he flips your favorite music into something brand new for your birthday. Elite Gymnastics has crafted a lo-fi cover of Taylor Swift's "Ours" to celebrate his…   Read Story »
How To Dress Well's Tom Krell and Elite Gymnastics' James Brooks are two Midwestern bedroom-studio auteurs who think hard about music that a whole lot of people regard as complete piffle and who…   Read Story »
Elite Gymnastics is the latest representative of Adult Swim's Singles Program, and today they're offering a flowery, whistling piece of pop called "Andreja 4-Ever" for download. It's a strong entry…   Read Story »
Grimes is busy! Claire Boucher has been having a moment all year, and she'll spend the next few months touring relentlessly, taking her zeitgeist-grabbing show to various different corners of the…   Read Story »
Ruin 4, the latest release from the internet-addled Minneapolis production duo Elite Gymnastics, is an unconventional one: A bundle of a T-shirt, a poster, three buttons, and a CD that adds two new…   Read Story »