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The punishing London postpunk/acid-house trio Factory Floor released their self-titled full-length debut last year, and now they're going to follow it up with a series of EPs full of remixes of the…   Read Story »
On the new Wild Beasts single "Wanderlust," frontman Hayden Thorpe memorably sings, "Don't confuse me with someone who gives a fuck." You can tell he's being real with it because his band…   Read Story »
Laurel Halo followed up her stunning album Quarantine this year with Chance Of Rain, which marked a return to her techno roots. This remix of Factory Floor's "Turn It Up" finds Halo in an airier and…   Read Story »
The British trio Factory Floor take plenty of lessons from postpunk and industrial music, but the basic bones of their sound come from old-school, low-tech, four-on-the-floor Detroit techno. And now…   Read Story »
The great British trio Factory Floor, who weld house-music sonics to postpunk processes, have just unveiled their video for "Turn It Up," one of the singles from their self-titled album. And true to…   Read Story »
It's been a big week for DFA Records, what with Echoes¬†celebrating its tenth anniversary and "All My Friends" getting thrown into the conversation of the Best Song Of The Millennium (and let's be…   Read Story »
For a few years now, the London trio Factory Floor have been releasing singles that take classic minimal body-jacking Chicago house and rough it up -- with goth moans, with industrial sputters, with…   Read Story »
The biggest piece of news from the first day of Gothenburg, Sweden's Way Out West festival wasn't who was there but who wasn't. Neil Young & Crazy Horse, the band slated to headline the day, had to…   Read Story »
We've been waiting for this for a long time, and it's finally happening: In September, the ridiculously promising London goth-dance trio Factory Floor will release their uncompromising self-titled…   Read Story »
Last week, the young British trio Vondelark released Seabed, a full-length debut packed with jazzy, ruminative R&B grooves, finding some intra-genre sweet spot that not too many others have explored.…   Read Story »