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Conor Oberst's name has been popping up on festival bills galore lately, which suggested a new solo album was afoot. Sure enough, an excerpt from a new Rolling Stone story confirms that Oberst is…   Read Story »
Earlier this summer, Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit wooed thousands of Lollapalooza attendees with their rootsy finger-picked ballads and lush harmonies inspired by the likes of Joan Baez and Buffy…   Read Story »
In the video for their song "Wolf," witchy Swedish folk sister act First Aid Kit take part in some sort of druidic lupine human-sacrifice ritual. It's all very Wicker Man, though the shooting style…   Read Story »
The always-eclectic Øya collected dozens of big name international acts and local bands to Oslo's Medieval Park and neighboring clubs over four days last week. Among them: Björk, A$AP Rocky, the…   Read Story »
For Sunday's recap and photos, click here. For Saturday's recap and photos, click here. Friday's recap below... 12:00 p.m. @ The Playstation Stage: First Aid Kit I eased into Lollapalooza's…   Read Story »
Lollapalooza takes over Chicago's Grant Park this weekend, with a three-day line-up topped off by headliners like Black Sabbath and Jack White, plus highly anticipated sets by the likes of Frank…   Read Story »
Though harmonious Swede sisters First Aid Kit first established notoriety through a viral video, their first two releases on Wichita Records showcased a group rapidly improving and growing more…   Read Story »
Specifically, the Swedish duo cover "When I Grow Up." It's the acoustic b-side to their new 7-inch "Ghost Town." Listen: (Via 24Bit) The dreamy a-side also has a new, equally blissful video:…   Read Story »