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The artists behind the videos on this week's list come from Sweden, Japan, Syria, Canada, and the UK. They have, more or less, nothing in common with each other. And there's every chance that none of…   Read Story »
"One For The Road" is a chugging, sinuous rocker from the new Arctic Monkeys album AM. Its new video is a crisp, cinematic black-and-white affair, and it has the members of the band dressing like…   Read Story »
Starred are a Brooklyn-based duo whose singer, Liza Thorn, used to be in a band with Christopher Owens; their stoned and elegiac "No Good" was one of my low-key favorite songs of 2012. And now…   Read Story »
This is the week that the music universe finally woke up from its long holiday nap, and there were a lot of fun music videos out this week. There were so many, in fact, that I couldn't find room for…   Read Story »
Back in February, we posted "Storm," the latest single from sparse, rigorous British postpunks Django Django. With its weirdly colorized VHS effects, the track's brand-new video is the sort of thing…   Read Story »
Girls' sophomore album Father, Son, Holy Ghost was our favorite LP of last year, and one of its standouts was "My Ma," frontman Christopher Owens's heartsick song for his mother. That song now has a…   Read Story »
Over four records with Arctic Monkeys, and spin-off ventures like The Last Of The Shadow Puppets and the Submarine OST ("Pile Driver Waltz" especially), Alex Turner's established himself as a…   Read Story »
I have no idea why the last few Arctic Monkeys videos have starred drummer Matt Helders playing some sort of mythic American outlaw, especially considering that he's got the most British face ever,…   Read Story »
A few weeks ago, we posted footage of Arctic Monkeys playing "Evil Twin," the B-side to their "Suck It And See" single, live. That track now has a video, and it essentially works as a sequel to the…   Read Story »
Hey, remember this? When my friend/Stereogum predecessor/former across-the-street neighbor Jessica departed this website, her brainchild column disappeared from its pages. But the streets wanted…   Read Story »