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Earlier this year, the California electronic weirdo-pop crew Fol Chen made a big leap toward accessiblility with their new album The False Alarms, the group's first LP with new singer Sinosa Loa.…   Read Story »
Californian studio tinkerers Fol Chen have made a move toward pop tangibility on new album The False Alarms, and their new video for "I.O.U." might be the most approachable thing they've ever done.…   Read Story »
Remember last month when we made a hand-wringing post about the death of the MP3 and thereby the end of the downloadable Monthly Mix? Well, fuck it -- ZIP FILE BACK. Thank you for your comments and…   Read Story »
"IOU," the second taste from LA indie-poppers Fol Chen's upcoming The False Alarm, furthers them on their journey toward more traditional pop. The avant-elements are still in play, though: skittering…   Read Story »
Los Angeles avant-pop enigmas are about to release their new album The False Alarms, and the video hazily pretty lead single "200 Words" is a surprisingly sumptuous affair that lists a few visual…   Read Story »
The experimental Los Angels pop band Fol Chen appear to be taking a big step toward actual pop on their new album The False Alarms, which is coming in a couple of months. The band has added the…   Read Story »
Putting a twist on their month long residency at the Echo, Fol Chen placed an ad through Craigslist in search of lead singers to reinterpret their songs with surprisingly entertaining results. Also…   Read Story »
Vancouver's Teen Daze offers an airy remix of "The Holograms," turning Fol Chen's syncopated avant gym-class pop into an airier, less rigid excursion in line with a moniker like "Teen Daze," his…   Read Story »
The first single from Fol Chen's second album, "In Ruins," had a fun, '80s R&B vibe to my ears. "The Holograms" is more tightly wound, with a controlled female vocal following the piano melody…   Read Story »
Earlier this month, masked L.A. sextet Fol Chen dropped the unexpectedly joyous, primordially percussive post-apocalyptic dance jam "In Ruins," navigating a world covered in ash and acid rain with a…   Read Story »