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Stream Fool’s Gold Flying Lessons

L.A. world-pop collective Fool’s Gold hit a sweet spot between wandering psychedelic pop and sunny, sparkling funk on their third album Flying Lessons. On previous records, primary vocalist and lyricist Luke Top penned the songs in Hebrew, and closing number “Ta’alumah” nods to their past. But overall, this album is a complete step forward for… More »

By: Caitlin White / May 6, 2015 - 3:02 pm

Fool’s Gold – “Another Sun”

In September of last year L.A. world-pop outfit Fool’s Gold released “I’m In Love,” the first single off their third album Flying Lessons. Now, just about eight months later we’ll finally be getting that album, and in the meantime they’ve put out another song, “Another Sun.” The collective draws on amorphous sounds and is heavily… More »

By: Caitlin White / April 23, 2015 - 4:33 pm

Fool’s Gold – “I’m In Love” + Poolside Remix

Los Angeles-based Fool’s Gold have released the first single from their upcoming third album, Flying Lessons. It’ll be their first one since 2011’s Leave No Trace, which saw them pare down their once amorphous collective into a solid five-member band. “I’m In Love” characteristically takes from different musical trends all over the world, blending some… More »

By: James Rettig / September 9, 2014 - 8:37 pm

Cayucas – “Will The Thrill (Luke Top Of Fool’s Gold Tropmix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

Earlier this year, Cayucas, otherwise known as Californian indie-popper Zach Yudin, released his debut album Bigfoot, which luxuriated in some of the same sunny Afropop-guitar vibes that helped get Vampire Weekend all that attention early on. And now Luke Top, a member of the great Californian Afropop-pastiche band Fool’s Gold, has remixed the album track… More »

By: Tom Breihan / October 1, 2013 - 10:21 am

Fool’s Gold – “Wild Window” Video

Tomorrow, feel good guitar-pop collective Fool’s Gold release their second full-length Leave No Trace on… More »

By: Amrit Singh / August 15, 2011 - 3:48 pm

Fool’s Gold – “Wild Window”

“Wild Window” is the new single from Fool’s Gold’s second album Leave No Trace. It’s not original using “sunny” when describing Luke Top & Lewis Pesacov’s crew, but the guys earn the tag once again:… More »

By: brandon / July 12, 2011 - 5:27 pm

Fool’s Gold – “Street Clothes”

L.A. collective Fool’s Gold brought unforgettable videos, many remixes, and reverence to Jewish and Afro-pop styles with their debut album. Principal players Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov return with the followup LP Leave No Trace is out 8/16 via IAMSOUND, led by the single “Street Clothes,” which is less indebted to benga, juju, or soukou… More »

By: Amrit Singh / May 26, 2011 - 1:40 pm

Free Energy – “Bang Pop (Fool’s Gold Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

“Bang Pop,” an especially immediate track on Free Energy’s fairly instant Stuck On Nothin’, is more than worthy of the collection’s bubblegum cover art and its own back-to-school NSFW “Hot For Teacher” video. The mood shifts some via this especially laid back, echoed remix by Fool’s Gold’s Lewis Pesacov. It’ll appear on a split remix… More »

By: brandon / August 18, 2010 - 3:46 pm

Local Natives – “Wide Eyes (Fool’s Gold Remix)” (Feat. Aristotle Pop A Bottle)

With two remixes of Local Natives’ “Wide Eyes” (complements of Suckers and Teen Daze) in the can, there would be no need to post yet another. Unless it jacked up the original with The-Dreamy ATL club beats and a wet verse from a rapper named Aristotle Pop A Bottle. Oh hai:… More »

By: Amrit Singh / July 8, 2010 - 1:23 pm

Fool’s Gold – “Test Dem (Poseidon Remix Feat. Sizzla and Judgement Yard)”

The L.A. collective pull in so many interests and genres, it kinda feels like remixes could go in a million directions. Here’s one. This is “Poseidon” redone for the the bonus track’ed edition of their self-titled album. Sizzla Kalonji takes time from what must be a very busy schedule to give “Poseidon” some weight. More »

By: jessica / April 8, 2010 - 4:48 pm

Fool’s Gold – “Nadine” Video

SXSW heroes Fool’s Gold like to have parties in their videos, it seems. Last time it was a sunny swimming pool for “Surprise Hotel,” but for “Nadine” the collective (plus many friends) hold a nighttime get together inside the mausoleum at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Hollywood Forever is a perfect location for a band that flaunt… More »

By: jessica / March 30, 2010 - 4:41 pm

SXSW 2010: Wednesday In Photos

Here’s a tip if you’re going to one of these industry festival type things: If IAMSOUND is having a party, you should attend that party. Just like this past CMJ, the L.A.-based imprint owned their night, pulling together an eclectic lineup that showcased the right bands, all having a moment: Scott already posted some videoMore »

By: Amrit Singh / March 18, 2010 - 6:59 pm

SXSW 2010: Fool’s Gold – “Poseidon” Video (Live At Malverde)

When Stereogum first saw Fool’s Gold open for Cat Power a little over a year ago, Amrit noted the LA collective’s “love for benga (Kenya-based), juju (rooted in Nigeria), and the Congolese genre called soukous (mother of kwassa kwassa, maybe you’ve heard of it).” At last night’s packed IAMSOUND showcase, I was reminded most of… More »

By: Scott Lapatine / March 18, 2010 - 11:59 am

Stereogum & team9 Present… MySplice 4: 2009 Mashed Up

There could not have been a more apt ID3 than that of Freelance Hellraiser’s “Stroke Of Genius,” the MP3 that launched this decade’s most fitting musical legacy. Parts of two or three or thirty tracks mixed into one supersong? What better than mashups to soundtrack a generation of smartphone-wielding Adderall chompers coming of age i… More »

By: Scott Lapatine / December 23, 2009 - 10:59 am

Fool’s Gold Get Mashed With Mariah, Remixed By Mad Decent

A few weeks ago, Fool’s Gold anchored IAMSOUND’s excellent CMJ showcase at Bowery Poetry Club, alongside Golden Silvers, Suckers, NewVillager, etc. A highlight of their set was the infectious, afro-pop amalgamating summertime jam “Surprise Hotel,” an endlessly sunny track that’s already received remix attention from the likes of Micachu & The Shapes and one of… More »

By: Amrit Singh / November 4, 2009 - 9:56 am

CMJ ’09: Wednesday In Photos

As far as full-on noon-to-2AM marathon set hunting goes, Wednesday’s spread won’t be topped this year. In addition to bringing us memorable sets from two bands we’ll be watching much more closely in Sleigh Bells and Golden Silvers, the day delivered solid lineups at every turn. I joined photographer Jessica Amaya at ForceField’s day party… More »

By: Amrit Singh / October 23, 2009 - 11:30 am

New (Better) Fool’s Gold Video – “Surprise Hotel”

Fool’s Gold is the irresistible, solar-streaked Hebrew/English project from Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov alongside members of Foreign Born and other L.A. scene notables. The first video for surprise hit “Surprise Hotel” felt like a buzz-memorializing placeholder, the collective celebrating its infectious, afro-pop amalgamating summertime jam outdoors at dusk. This new video is a lot… More »

By: Amrit Singh / September 24, 2009 - 12:00 pm

Weird Tapes Remix Fool’s Gold

Joining Micachu, Weird Tapes (aka Memory Cassette aka Memory Tapes aka Dayve Hawk) recently put a remix spin on the LA Afropop collective Fool’s Gold. Because that is what he does. Dayve excised the original’s Hebrew passages for his take, working with “Nadine”‘s English vocal and replacing the track’s lilt and slithering horn and guitar… More »

By: Amrit Singh / August 26, 2009 - 11:32 am

Micachu Remixes Fool’s Gold (Stereogum Premiere)

Genre-hopping experimental it-kids Micachu & The Shapes offer a slightly different shape to the Los Angeles Afro (and kraut and ’80s dance) rock enthusiasts Fool’s Gold’s Hebrew-intoned, endlessly sunny standout track “… More »

By: brandon / August 3, 2009 - 9:12 am

New Fool’s Gold Video – “Surprise Hotel”

Fool’s Gold is Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov, with assists from folks in fellow L.A. outfits Foreign Born and Glasser. Last seen here opening for Cat Power, we then mentioned they touted “love for benga (Kenya-based), juju (rooted in Nigeria), and the Congolese genre called soukous (mother of kwassa kwassa, maybe you’ve heard of it).”… More »

By: Amrit Singh / July 7, 2009 - 2:59 pm
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