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Frankie Rose's new LP, Interstellar is out in February, and today the Williamsburg scene mainstay offered up the record's first single "Know Me." You'll easily recognize the shoegazey swirl of the…   Read Story »
Yesterday we posted Frankie Rose & The Outs "Candy," a song I described as "sock hopping" because it reminded me of a '60s school dance. We do end up at the prom for the song's Vice…   Read Story »
Nobody should've been surprised by Best New Band Frankie Rose And The Outs' cover of Dee Dee Warwick's "You're No Good." The original nails Rose's favorite era and attitude, yeah, but it's more fun…   Read Story »
With fall on the horizon, we're escaping a slow summer and shifting into that final, fertile phase of the music year's release cycle. Which makes it a ripe time to get some perspective on the year,…   Read Story »
Frankie Rose & her band ably tackle "You're No Good," upping and distorting the original's atmosphere. Judging from her nostalgia of choice, Rose likely used the 1963 Dee Dee Warwick version of…   Read Story »
You may know Frankie Rose as the onetime drummer of Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts and Dum Dum Girls. (Or maybe via her time as a NYC bartender and Smiths fan.) Of course, if you've paid attention, you…   Read Story »