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We recently heard glossy dance-rock trio Little Daylight remixing Sky Ferreira; now here's Future Islands remixing Little Daylight. "Overdose," premiered here last year, originally sounded like a…   Read Story »
Future Islands is coming off a few months where everyone finally recognizes that they exist after their excellent new album Singles, mostly after a meme-worthy and heartfelt Late Show performance.…   Read Story »
I'm not crying, I just have a little dust in my eyes. No, really: Coachella's second day was largely engulfed by a more manageable (but still annoying!) version of the dust storm that turned last…   Read Story »
Well, this was probably inevitable. Last month, a handful of Stereogum staff went to SPIN's big day party in Austin, which had both Future and Future Islands on the bill, and all of us made doofy…   Read Story »
Future Islands got everyone's attention this year through their triumphant Letterman performance and became the band to see at SXSW. But the fact is that the Baltimore band has been building a cult…   Read Story »
One of my favorite tropes in pop music is the readymade greatest-hits album, the album so packed with perfectly crafted pop nuggets that every one of its tracks seems destined for airplay. There…   Read Story »
This week marks the release of Singles, the stupendous 4AD debut and apparent breakout LP by Baltimore synth-pop weirdos Future Islands. And if you, like David Letterman, are among those hypnotized…   Read Story »
Future Islands are ready to take over the world. At SXSW, the Baltimore synthpop weirdos were this year's Odd Future -- the one live show that nobody could stop talking about. (This, even though…   Read Story »
Even before the horrible, tragic hit-and-run last night, Austin was dark last night. I've been coming to SXSW for six years now, and while prevalent drunkenness and corporate sponsorships have been a…   Read Story »
Earlier this week, Future Islands performed for the first time on the Late Show With David Letterman, and they absolutely ripped shit, eliciting straight-up giggling glee from Letterman himself. And…   Read Story »