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It seems September has become the month of George Harrison. In the next couple weeks we'll witness the release of a massive retrospective box set of Harrison's post-Beatles solo work, along with a…   Read Story »
George Harrison is getting his own festival dedicated to his music from the same people who put on Dylan Fest, Stones Fest, and Petty Fest. The festival will take place on September 28th at Los…   Read Story »
In 2004, a pine tree was planted near Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles' Griffith Park to honor the late George Harrison. It grew to 10 feet tall and stood as a fitting tree-bute to a musician…   Read Story »
Real Estate are getting ready to put out their third album, Atlas, but right before that happens they've issued a very fitting cover for us. The song is George Harrison's "Behind That Locked Door"…   Read Story »
With the 500th episode of The Simpsons airing last Sunday, the last few weeks have been a celebration of everything Simpsons, where all your favorite pundits and prognosticators have combed through…   Read Story »
As previously reported, Folk Monster "Yim Yames" recorded an EP of George Harrison covers in 2001 shortly after the Beatle died of lung cancer. The acoustic set, which features the MMJ frontman's…   Read Story »
The MMJ main brain recorded this six-song set of covers just days after Harrison passed, but it will just now be distributed as Jim's first solo release. The EP, titled Tribute To, is due 8/4 via…   Read Story »
Yes the mother lode edition of Rock Band becomes a reality on 9/9/09. Everybody is excited. Apple Corps/Viacom/MTV Games shareholders are super excited. Your boyfriend is already spurting himself in…   Read Story »
Is it too early to call Marty's forthcoming Rolling Stone's documentary an abomination? 'Cause we already did. But we're all about redemption, and today reports come of a project should bring back…   Read Story »
On this day in 1967, the Beatles released the record that would top every "Greatest Albums Ever" list by major mags, in perpetuity (or at least as long as a Baby Boomer is editor-in-chief). And…   Read Story »