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The great Andy Baio of has painstakingly compiled metadata on Girl Talk's latest sample party, using Wiki and Amazon's Mechanical Turk, to create downloadable spreadsheets for your…   Read Story »
It's time to brave the ferry lines for another day in Jersey, but first: pretty pictures via the eye of Abbey Braden. As mentioned, things got off to a slow start, but from thereon the day belonged…   Read Story »
By Scott Lapatine & Amrit Singh It wasn't always smooth, but it was definitely memorable: Lollapalooza's top-heavy booking panned out this year, giving each night a bit of magic and each day an air…   Read Story »
DJ Gillis has seen your fan-made videos and he's not gonna take it lying down. Gregg (or a hippie imposter) tells Butter Team, "People who break the law are gonna have to pay. ... I'm coming after…   Read Story »
We've already fed the Wiki; now some diligent YouTuber's taken the next step and begun a 14-part project stitching together video samples for each of Girl Talk's new tracks. Check the clip for "Shut…   Read Story »
Today P4K confirms most of what's been floating around regarding the next Jenny Lewis solo album: there will be a next Jenny Lewis solo album, it will be called Acid Tongue, and it will feature lots…   Read Story »
Feed The Animals has been out for a week. Anyone who's listened knows it's worth paying for, regardless of philosophical, aesthetic, or knee-jerk thoughts on whether or not Gillis's sampling process…   Read Story »
It seems like an ages ago when Gregg Gillis was a biomedical engineer moonlighting as a mixmaster. Over the last year and a half, the success of Night Ripper turned Gillis's marathon weekend shows…   Read Story »
You've already started playing spot the sample with Feed The Animals. Now compare notes with the Wiki nerds. They're fast.   Read Story »
When we posted "I" on Monday, I later spoke to Gregg who told me, "It's not on the album but i wanted to give people something special this week." He wasn't kidding: Feed The Animals has popped up on…   Read Story »