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We already knew that OutKast would headline this summer's Governors Ball festival in New York; it followed Coachella as the second reunion show that the legendary duo had announced. But the rest of…   Read Story »
Less than 24 hours after the official Coachella lineup affirmed the OutKast reunion we've been hearing about in one form or another since last fall, another fest has announced OutKast as headliners.…   Read Story »
In 1994, when there were no Vines or Instagrams or Twitter feeds or blog updates to at least slightly numb one's FOMO, I watched MTV's coverage of the Woodstock re-up as a means to dull my anger…   Read Story »
Last night, New York's epically soggy and mud-clogged Governors Ball festival ended with what was reportedly a dark and vengeful headlining set from Kanye West. Kanye's played casino shows and…   Read Story »
Last month, we reported the massive lineup for this year's Governors Ball, including headlines Kanye West, Kings Of Leon, and one major surprise that would be announced at a later date. It has now…   Read Story »
Kanye West, Kings Of Leon, and one secret act that will be announced in a few weeks are headlining this year's Governors Ball on Randall's Island in New York, 6/7-9. On top of the main acts, the…   Read Story »
The Governors Ball Music Festival comes to Randall's Island, a small strip of sand in between Manhattan and the Bronx, 6/23-24, and today it announced its lineup via a YouTube video that stars a…   Read Story »
The single day, two stage Governors Ball brought Big Boi, Girl Talk, Empire Of The Sun, Pretty Lights, Neon Indian, Das Racist, and a Passion Pit DJ set to NYC's Governors Island on Saturday. It was…   Read Story »