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There was a lot of nudity and violence and crisp, vivid black-and-white in this week's music videos, but most of the videos that leaned heavily on those tropes didn't make it onto this week's…   Read Story »
Foxygen spent much of last year dealing with a whole lot of drama, which at times overshadowed the actual album they released, We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic. Now they've…   Read Story »
Right now, our busiest comments section is a heated debate over whether a white lady is racist for dancing with black men in her music video and then being defensive about it. That is how indie rock,…   Read Story »
Sky Ferreira's searing, wounded synthpop anthem "I Blame Myself" was arguably the best song on her great debut album Night Time, My Time, and some of us have been wondering for months why it wasn't a…   Read Story »
This was probably the slowest week of the year in terms of people putting out music videos, what with Christmas arriving dead in the middle and nobody needing to fill up office dead-time by staring…   Read Story »
Earlier tonight, with no advance warning, Sky Ferreira tweeted out a link to a video. She and Ariel Pink have recorded a new version of Pink's old solo lo-fi track "My Molly," turning it into an…   Read Story »
Sky Ferreira's great album Night Time, My Time has been out for a few weeks, and now there's finally some indication that her label is giving it something resembling a promotional push. Last night,…   Read Story »
Next month, the promising young narco-pop star Sky Ferreira is set to drop Night Time, My Time, her first full-length album. Her single "You're Not The One" is a fluttery, immaculately produced…   Read Story »
There were many strong music videos this week, and a couple that I loved, from actual adults. But no grown-up is going to beat a charged-up mob of Minneapolis children rapping about bikes and school…   Read Story »
Carnivals at nighttime are among the trippiest places on planet Earth, so high fives to whoever thought to film Melody's Echo Chamber's "Some Time Alone, Alone" video at one. Melody's Echo Chamber is…   Read Story »