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In the last few years, Liz Harris, better known as Grouper, has made a habit of releasing albums built from past recordings. Don't call these outtakes, or rarities, or anything you'd think of as a…   Read Story »
As the Bug, Kevin Martin makes hard, physical, almost assaultive dance music. He's the type of producer who releases a Death Grips collab called "Fuck A Bitch," and we're like, "Yeah, that sounds…   Read Story »
Kevin "Kmart" Martin has been making music as the Bug for years, but his last proper album was released six years ago. That album was London Zoo, an earth-shaking amplification of grime, dubstep, and…   Read Story »
"Vital" is a somber new track from Grouper. The song comes from their forthcoming The Man Who Died In His Boat, a haul of unreleased songs circa their last album, 2008's Dragging A Dead Deer Up A…   Read Story »
February's Monthly Mix makes up for the grievous error in January's Monthly Mix, namely having omitted Bear In Heaven's "Reflection Of You." No offense (none taken). That song's great! Here it comes…   Read Story »
Mirroring is a new project that pairs up two women who are truly excellent at making diffuse, spaced-out, vaguely ominous home-recorded ambient music: Liz Harris, better known as Grouper, and Jesy…   Read Story »
Liz Harris aka Grouper kept busy through 2011 with two LPs and 12"s and new projects; by that clip I guess it's strange we've had to wait a full three weeks before she made a mark on 2012. So here it…   Read Story »
Liz Harris, the Portland-based queen of ambient drift who records as Grouper, has teamed up with fellow PDX musician Ilyas Ahmed on a new project that they're calling Visiter. Together, they've…   Read Story »
The Portland resident Liz Harris releases a whole lot of gorgeously fragile ambient music as Grouper, and she often does it in tiny limited-run vinyl editions, without letting many people know. Her…   Read Story »
We've previously mentioned "Alien Observer," the title track to one of two LPs that Liz Harris, aka Grouper, self-released this month (together the albums are called A I A). Both the song and the…   Read Story »