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Last week, Henry Rollins brought a shitstorm of controversy down on himself when, in an L.A. Weekly column, he castigated Robin Williams and others who have committed suicide, writing that when…   Read Story »
Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos has been open about his mental illness before. He even won an award last year for increasing awareness and putting a positive face on his experiences with…   Read Story »
Earlier this week, Henry Rollins wrote an editorial for LA Weekly called "Fuck Suicide," in which he criticized parents -- Robin Williams specifically -- for killing themselves because of the trauma…   Read Story »
In the wake of Robin Williams' suicide there have been many responses and reactions. Today, Henry Rollins wrote an editorial for LA Weekly titled "Fuck Suicide." Rollins' main point is essentially…   Read Story »
Any RuPaul fan worth his or her salt knows that for years his tagline has been "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?" But that's not the only love-related advice…   Read Story »
As we deconstructed back in June, this year has seen two different Black Flag related reunions. The founding guitarist Greg Ginn is touring with Ron Reyes as Black Flag. They have released new songs,…   Read Story »
Dinosaur Jr. don't show up in their video for "Pierce The Morning Rain," a bleary jam from their 2012 album I Bet On Sky. Instead, director Scott Jacobson gives us actor James Urbaniak playing a…   Read Story »
After testing the toughness of "young elitist hipsters" at the Cake Shop, NYC, Henry Rollins has traveled to a Los Angeles Harley repair shop "to see whether these stereotypically tough bikers carry…   Read Story »
This clip from the German television show Durch Die Nacht Mit... ("Into the Night with...") finds Hammering Hank wandering into the Cake Shop with the Iranian visual artist Shirin Neshat where things…   Read Story »
On Monday/Memorial Day the 9:30 Club celebrated its 30th Anniversary. For kids who grew up listening to and mythologizing D.C. hardcore, punk, and the like, the place needs no introduction. In case…   Read Story »