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Though it might be blasphemy for some to picture College's "A Real Hero" soundtracking ANYTHING other than Ryan Gosling driving through the night, but the video to High Highs recent majestic cover of…   Read Story »
Last we heard from High Highs they had put out a new album at the beginning of this year with some very airy, pretty songs on it. Now they've just released a cover of "A Real Hero" by College, which…   Read Story »
High Highs are a duo -- one singer-songwriter type and one electronic doohickey-manipulator -- who started out messing around in an Australian studio and who have since moved to Brooklyn. They'll…   Read Story »
Last night was Hype Machine's Fast Forward League Night, which was put on by the Hype dudes themselves as well as Consequence Of Sound, Gorilla Vs. Bear, I Guess I'm Floating, Awesome Tapes From…   Read Story »