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Over the last few months, the experimental Gainesville indie-pop impressionists Hundred Waters have shared the beautiful new songs "Down From The Rafters" and "Cavity," and they've announced plans…   Read Story »
A few weeks ago, out of nowhere, Gainesville impressionists Hundred Waters shared an absolutely spellbinding new song called "Down From The Rafters." As it turns out, that song was the opening shot…   Read Story »
It's been a slow-ish week in terms of new songs, and it seems like that will continue to be the case till SXSW is behind us. Yesterday on Twitter, Tom noted that March 11 is pretty short on viable…   Read Story »
Floridian indie impressionists Hundred Waters have been working on the follow-up to their 2012 self-titled debut album for a while now, and they haven't made any announcements about when, exactly,…   Read Story »
Before hitting the Honda Stage at Austin City Limits, Hundred Waters gave us a glimpse into their pre-show rituals for our video series Know Your Rites. In addition to letting us hang during…   Read Story »
For the latest installment of Stereogum's Know Your Rites video series, Hundred Waters gave us a glimpse into their pre-show rituals before they graced the Honda Stage at this year's Austin City…   Read Story »
For our SXSW party at Hype Hotel last month, we brought out Sky Ferreira, Kitty, and others, including Youth Lagoon and Hundred Waters. If you weren't down in Austin or you missed the event (for…   Read Story »
On their new remix EP, the impressionistic Florida band Hundred Waters has invited producers like Blood Diamonds and Daedelus to remix "Boreal," a floating track from their self-titled 2012 album.…   Read Story »
For an afternoon, Stereogum got the keys to the Hype Hotel, bringing at all-over-the-place lineup of performers to the cavernous space. Bleeding Rainbow opened things up early on, admirably wailing…   Read Story »
The Florida band Hundred Waters make dazed, impressionistic, pastoral music -- folk music, sort of, except made with sequencers and laptops and without traditional song-structure. The Montreal…   Read Story »