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D.C. restaurant Satellite Room has named a hamburger after noted vegan and local music scene hero Ian MacKaye. The Minor Threat and Fugazi frontman has been a vegan for almost thirty years, a choice…   Read Story »
Back in the day, I had one of those great "This Is Not A Fugazi T-Shirt" T-shirts. It was produced, presumably, by some canny, anonymous bootlegger, because Fugazi -- and by extension, Dischord…   Read Story »
Fugazi/Minor Threat frontman Ian MacKaye and wife Amy Farina (of the Warmers and Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, among others) released two terrific albums as the Evens in the mid-aughts before taking a…   Read Story »
On Monday/Memorial Day the 9:30 Club celebrated its 30th Anniversary. For kids who grew up listening to and mythologizing D.C. hardcore, punk, and the like, the place needs no introduction. In case…   Read Story »
To be more specific, MacKaye talks about skateboarding culture in the "Skate And Create" section of the D.I.Y. America documentary put together by Aaron Rose and WKE, a subsidiary of Nike and Coca…   Read Story »
"WTF" was invented for moments like watching the Oscar-winning Gandhi actor get into the zone and make like Ian MacKaye in front of a simulated salad days D.C. hardcore audience for a lipsynced…   Read Story »