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Our Love To Admire isn't out for a couple of weeks, but the chatter about the Cure, extra creepiness, and added accents/atmospherics -- while basically true -- is already tired. At least it's more…   Read Story »
So, no secret that Our Love To Admire's first single is Paul's "piss off" to some lost, L.A.-gone ex-lover. And the vid recreates Paul's hellish take on the city of angels with a vain actress-type,…   Read Story »
If last week's rock tease still has you feeling ... blue, you should find this considerably more climactic. Won't be able to admire the full record for a few weeks yet, but here are three tracks from…   Read Story »
Get psyched, Interpol fans. We're less than a month away from the release of Our Love To Admire, out on Capitol 7/10 (7/4 in Japan!). For the none of you who haven't heard "The Heinrich Maneuver,"…   Read Story »
As anyone who's been to a bunch of sold-out shows at the same venue can tell you, there's varying degrees of "sold-out"edness (not really a word). There's the National at Bowery sold-out (now with…   Read Story »
Guess who's got a Guardian blog? None other than Interpol's vampire-on-a-Doc Holliday bassist Carlos D, professing his love for orchestral music via casual composer name-checking and illustrative…   Read Story »
Carlos D ain't the only thing getting an Interpol makeover. Should have seen this one coming after they brought mother Earth into the equation. After album covers that ran wild with black and white…   Read Story »
Earlier this month, you got a blurry taste of "The Heinrich Manuever" from Our Love To Admire, the Interpol LP out 7/10. Now, thanks to exciting advances in radio-ripping technology, and heads up…   Read Story »
Who'd want to follow the Johansson And Mary Chain's triumphant showing? Doubt they had a say in the matter, but the onus fell on the gloomy lads of Interpol to appease a massive crowd of JAMC…   Read Story »
The other day, Interpol posted a lovely scene of snow-capped peaks and the date 7.10.07 on their site, and the web surmised this corresponds to the forthcoming record's release date. That's fair,…   Read Story »