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"Who's ready to die alone?" isn't getting any less effective as a refrain. So goes Poliça's "Raw Exit," the title track from the all-new EP that comes packaged with the deluxe reissue of last year's…   Read Story »
Minneapolis synthpoppers Poliça's video for "Warrior Lord," a song from their forthcoming album Shulamith, is about two girls swimming in a lake. Or, anyway, that's all it's about on paper. In…   Read Story »
Really, at this point, I'm just excited for Drake's "All Me" video to come out. Right? That has to happen, yes? They're making that video? If they don't fuck it up royally, that should be an amazing…   Read Story »
The abstract saxophone world-creator Colin Stetson has already made one video for two of the songs from his new album New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light, and the dual video for "In…   Read Story »
Night Moves, a '70s-style choogle trio, are recent addition to the Domino roster, and the new video for their song "Country Queen" builds up their music's revivalist tendencies. Directors Isaac Gale…   Read Story »
In Minneapolis folk band Dark Dark Dark's video for their song "Tell Me," singer Nona Marie Invie dons an astronaut helmet so she can leave her desolate office building and wander empty streets and…   Read Story »
Colin Stetson can do things with a saxophone that many of us wouldn't have thought possible -- turning the instrument into orchestras of drones and screams and voices and percussion without the aid…   Read Story »
As we previously reported, Bon Iver will soon release a deluxe edition of their mindbendingly gorgeous sophomore LP Bon Iver, Bon Iver. Instead of new songs, this one will feature video…   Read Story »