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A couple of weeks ago, Jack White announced that his edition of the collaborative "Unstaged" live concert webcast would be directed by Gary Oldman, and teased it with a short trailer. Now, Jack…   Read Story »
The Associated Press reports that Jack White will score Gore Verbinski's upcoming film adaptation of The Lone Ranger, which stars Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as John Reid. It will be…   Read Story »
Earlier today, Jack White appeared on the German talk show De Harald Schmidt Show, performing two songs from his new solo album Blunderbuss. As on his Saturday Night Live appearance, White took the…   Read Story »
"I eat sixteen saltine crackers, then I lick my fingers" is a killer rock lyric. Beyond the alliteration and syntax, that shit bleeds sex, both literally and in the tradition of lurid rock double…   Read Story »
Jack White has always been an artist who thrived, in large part, because of all the constraints he imposed on his own work, like the analog-recording purism or the two-color design schemes. The White…   Read Story »
A flurry of news from Jack White hit today as we await Blunderbuss, including the announcement of an "Unstaged" directed by Gary Oldman. White's upcoming gig at NYC's Webster Hall will stream live at…   Read Story »
The week's two best videos both revolve around sticky nightmare realities where people act in ways that are entirely socially acceptable, and yet it looks like it might be vaguely fun to be in both…   Read Story »
This morning, Jack White debuts the second video (after "Love Interruption") from Blunderbuss, his solo debut. In the clip for "Sixteen Saltines," we see White as the only adult, being held hostage…   Read Story »
As we get closer to the release of Jack White's debut solo album Blunderbuss, Third Man is rolling out some, err, unique releases for Record Store Day as well as Third Man Record's third anniversary.…   Read Story »
HBO's medieval drama Game Of Thrones premieres April 1, and this season's plot involves five different claims to the throne and these respective factions' ongoing clobbering of one another…   Read Story »