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The former LCD Soundsystem leader James Murphy last worked with filmmaker Noah Baumbach when he put together the dazed L.A. studio-pop score for Baumbach's deeply uncomfortable 2010 movie Greenberg.…   Read Story »
James Murphy has been talking about selling his own blend of coffee ever since LCD Soundsystem was first breaking up, and a few months ago, he announced that he was done tinkering and the coffee was…   Read Story »
Since the spectacular planned demise of LCD Soundsystem, James Murphy has had all the time he needs to devote himself to a series of goofy passion projects. The latest, if he can pull it off, will…   Read Story »
When he broke up LCD Soundsystem, James Murphy had a lot of plans, and he's followed through on many of them. But one goal that remains elusive is the one he announced nearly two years ago: To…   Read Story »
We've already posted one video for James Murphy's amazing 10-minute remix of David Bowie's "Love Is Lost." That one was a dark, murky, marionette-dominated affair that only used four minutes of the…   Read Story »
Little Duck, James Murphy's short film for Canon Project Imagination, has been in the works for a while now. In fact, we spoke to Murphy about it over a year ago. Of course you can probably forgive…   Read Story »
The special three-disc reissue of his great comeback album The Next Day is out next week, and now David Bowie has made a strange, unsettling video for James Murphy's fucking awesome remix of his…   Read Story »
Nine years ago, one of CMJ's more buzzed about discoveries was Arcade Fire at Mercury Lounge. Last night, playing as the Reflektors, the now-rock stars handily upstaged the entire Music Marathon with…   Read Story »
Our weekly track countdown is still a toddler when it comes to Stereogum franchises, but it's already teeming with vets. And a couple of repeat performers have made the list this week, one with a…   Read Story »
David Bowie ended a decade-long silence earlier this year when he released his very good new album The Next Day, and a new three-disc deluxe edition of the album will include a bunch of new tracks.…   Read Story »