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Grand Theft Auto has something for everyone -- even if you don't enjoy the depravity promoted by the game, the lengthy soundtrack and private stations contained within GTA are revolutionary when it…   Read Story »
Machinedrum -- aka Neon Black, aka Travis Stewart -- is best known as one of Azealia Banks' preferred producers. He just released a remix of Jamie Lidell's stand-out track "Big Love," off of Lidell's…   Read Story »
You guys are going to hate this week's list so much, but it's high summer now, and I just can't be bothered to list whatever piece of dark experimental conceptual indie rock silliness that someone…   Read Story »
When a white R&B singer makes a video where he's the only white person around, it's easy to get suspicious about motives. But the glitch-soul pioneer Jamie Lidell, who released a self-titled album…   Read Story »
Jamie Lidell is essentially the Warp Records D'Angelo -- a master-craftsmen of genre hybrids packing potent lyrical punches of love. With "You Naked," one would think Lidell would deliver something a…   Read Story »
In a couple of months, the Berlin dance production trio Brandt Brauer Frick will release their new album Miami. And on one of its tracks, deconstructionist soul singer Jamie Lidell shows up, allowing…   Read Story »
The warped soul-music pastiche master Jamie Lidell returns next month with a new self-titled album. Previously, we've heard "What A Shame," the weird left-turn of a first single. And now he's…   Read Story »
The willfully weird electro-soul loverman Jamie Lidell will release a self-titled album early next year, and he appears to be tapping deeper into his weird side than he's done in a while. On first…   Read Story »
Beck and Jamie Lidell just released this remix of "Completely Exposed," the first song on Jamie Lidell's 2010 album, Compass. Listen below, and grab it in exchange for your email: Jamie Lidell -…   Read Story »
This remix of Jamie Lidell's "Compass" by BTW tUnE-yArDs appears on an EP free to anyone who pre-ordered a ticket to a show on Liddell's fall tour (9/6-11/20). Other mixes were helmed by Tiga,…   Read Story »