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Jarvis Cocker is halfway through a six day art installation at Paris' Galerie Chappe, where he's attempting to answer the question "What is music?" by creating "a musical event that is a living art…   Read Story »
Pulp hero Jarvis Cocker releases second solo collection Further Complications next month. It was produced by poker pro Steve Albini. How'd that happen? From Paste: "The two met while the former Pulp…   Read Story »
By Amrit Singh & Brandon Stosuy After a night of "classic" recreations, it was nice to dive into the current state of the indie landscape. Yesterday's lineup was stacked, and we spent the day…   Read Story »
Looks like we have to go all the way to Argentina to hear the new cheekily titled Cocker tune, "Girls Like It Too." Or, let somebody else go and check their YouTube. (Thanks for the tip, Lucas.)…   Read Story »
Those in London next Sunday with no plans and a love for Jarvis Cocker and/or the The Jungle Book soundtrack are best advised to buy tix for "Forest Of No Return: Hal Willner presents the Vintage…   Read Story »
Mr. Cocker was the closing act at the Shockwaves NME Awards Show at the Astoria in London Saturday night, where he treated the crowd to Jarvis tunes and some choice covers. He scoffed at a "Common…   Read Story »
We miss the good old days of Britpop for the music -- but how about those feuds! None of this trumped up Kasabian shite. Perhaps in a call to our nostalgic funnybone, Damon took to the pages of Uncut…   Read Story »
Here's the clip for the smashing lead-track off Jarvis. You really shouldn't take driving tips from Mr. Cocker, luv -- but truth is Jarvis = cool even when he's a pedestrian's worst nightmare.   Read Story »
The Pulp fans in us live on and on, and with Jarvis, Mr. Cocker gave us all more to love, opening with the swagger of "Don't Let Him Waste Your Time" and "Black Magic" before exploring the Sheffield…   Read Story »