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On a Friday off between Cali gigs, TV On The Radio and their horn players stopped by The Tonight Show. They played "Dancing Choose," the song they brought to Letterman's fire escape in September, but…   Read Story »
While you were out dressed like Ashley Todd or Barack Obama as a Mac Genius, Death Cab donned some lower-key disguises for their Friday night appearance on the Leno show -- Nick Harmer as Zack…   Read Story »
The official "This Lonely Love" video found Juliana Hatfield walking around Cambridge with her old-school Discman, an iPod, a boombox, etc. Richard Butler shares vocals on the studio version, but…   Read Story »
We all had a good time streaming the new sadness that is Chris Cornell's (Feat. Timbaland) track "Long Gone," so why not do it again this morning in video form. Cornell's nosedive crashed him into…   Read Story »
We applauded David Simon's decision to cast Steve Earle as Bubbles' grizzled-but-loving sponsor, Waylon, because Steve's own experiences with substance abuse lent his performance an inimitable air of…   Read Story »
Night owls looking for freshly written jokes received a semi-infusion of comedic relief last night when the late night funny men finally returned for duty (Letterman, Conan, Kimmel, Leno -- Carson…   Read Story »
Another banner day for Brit. Via CNN:A court has ordered pop singer Britney Spears to give up custody of her children effective Wednesday at noon. Spears' former husband, Kevin Federline, is to…   Read Story »
The "Fancy Footwork"ing duo sic their synths into Feist's interpretation of the traditional "Sea Lion Woman" (or "See-Line Woman," if you're asking Nina), giving it a rub down in the OTT keyboard and…   Read Story »