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Cello-wielding one-man disco Arthur Russell has received an amazing amount of indie-realm (and otherwise) attention these past years, long after his AIDS-related death in 1992, due largely to the…   Read Story »
This charming man, he's got a way with his words. Jens's Night Falls Over Kortedala ode to his remembrance of things past is paired with this here short excursion piloting the TF-FUN, a red propjet…   Read Story »
We've been upfront about our love for Jens Lekman's Night Falls Over Kortedala, so we were more than happy to stumble upon a video of the silent one performing "The Opposite Of Hallelujah" on Swedish…   Read Story »
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Epistles of love for the Dan are nothing new to these parts, so quite obviously the Becker/Fagan freaks 'n' geeks in us perked up upon hearing Kanye had plans to appropriate the Steely ones on his…   Read Story »
Jens Lekman's pretty deft at making folks weak in the knees with his charming blog tales and soulful, smart (and often silly) Swedish croon. On his third album Gothenburg's most important non-melodic…   Read Story »
You've been around Jens's not-so-silent stylings long enough to know how he works: deft wordplay, wry wit, dressing his misery in breezy throwback pop. The excellent Night Falls At Kortedala has…   Read Story »
"Gonna gather up a few of my friends," sings Jens Lekman on the first single from the forthcoming Night Falls Over Kortedala, which is just he did for his third LP, rounding up Frida Hyvonen and El…   Read Story »
That Pitchforkmedia must be doing something right; 19,000 people a day hit up their Festival for 18 hours of music over two days, despite some serious heat and humidity. Whether that's a testament to…   Read Story »
Jens Lekman's Department of Forgotten Songs is "a repository of demos, unreleased and hard-to-find material beloved by friends, fans and everyone at Secretly Canadian." A few choice cuts, w/…   Read Story »