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This was probably the slowest week of the year in terms of people putting out music videos, what with Christmas arriving dead in the middle and nobody needing to fill up office dead-time by staring…   Read Story »
Enigmatic Swedish dream-pop duo jj have released a new video. "My Boyz" features Joakim Benon as a mime and a dripping wet Elin Kastlander in glittery makeup. It was directed by Mattias Erik…   Read Story »
Swedish dream-pop duo jj have returned with their first new material since rap-inspired High Summer EP with this swooning conga drums-and-strings track "Fågelsången," our first view into what's to…   Read Story »
It's Midsummer's Eve in Sweden, so in celebration of that national holiday, Swedish indie pop duo jj dropped an EP called High Summer. It follows in the tradition of stuff like "Beautiful Life," a…   Read Story »
Here's the homemade clip for jj's new single "Beautiful Life," a pleasant mix of found footage and a camcorder-like feel. Friend of the band Patricia Paulsson put it together. Watch it…   Read Story »
Later this spring, Sweden's jj will release a new single called "Beautiful Life," a track that showcases the group's known affection for co-opting rap music in their hazy, blissful pop. Download it…   Read Story »
Thanks to a new FADER initiative that pairs up rappers with producers for new remixes, the rap-besotted Swedish Balearic drug-pop duo jj have taken on "Cheers," a song from the gruffly emotive…   Read Story »
Cover mavens jj return with a deconstructed version of the Outfield's "Your Love," where jj member Elin Kastlander plucks an acoustic guitar in a spa. Oh, those Swedes. How they love their…   Read Story »
If you were going to cover a Blondie song, you'd probably pick one of the classics, right? Something off Parallel Lines, or maybe "Atomic"? Well, that's why you are not Swedish pop iconoclast ceo.…   Read Story »
The new track from the enigmatic Swedish haze-pop duo jj is called (deep breath) "You Don't Know How Much It Would Hurt Me If You Said That You Were In Love With Me." The song doesn't have any of the…   Read Story »