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Thom Yorke rolled through to dominate the general conversation today, and his twitchy, hypnotic "A Brain In A Bottle" video really belongs on this list. But it came out on Friday, and this list only…   Read Story »
By now it's clear that Swedish duo JJ, who recently released their fourth studio album, V, know how to translate their languid brand of pop into otherworldly videos. The new clip for "Dynasti," the…   Read Story »
The Swedish duo JJ evidently never got the memo about how it's offensive to appropriate Native American culture -- or maybe they got it and they're intentionally ignoring it. Either way, the duo's…   Read Story »
The Swedish duo jj used to be an interesting group, one who played around with big pop and rap signifiers but filtered them through a drugged-up amateurish Scandinavian aesthetic. With their new…   Read Story »
JJ have shared a new song from their upcoming album V following lead single "All White Everything." "Dean & Me" is another ethereal track from the Swedish art-pop duo that sounds like it was recorded…   Read Story »
The Swedish narco-pop experimenters JJ are coming back later this summer with their new album V, and first single "All White Everything" might be the most straight-up gorgeous thing they've ever…   Read Story »
This past week brought Memorial Day, and with it, the unofficial start of summer. It also meant a four-day work week, but even with the truncated timeframe, there were more than enough excellent…   Read Story »
JJ are really fucking going for it right now. The Swedish conceptual drug-pop duo announced their new album V earlier this month, sharing a striking and cinematic trailer for the LP. And now they're…   Read Story »
The forever-faded Swedish conceptual-pop duo JJ have just announced that they'll have a new album called V coming out later this summer. Judging by its title, it's a follow-up to their 2012 7" jj n°…   Read Story »
This was probably the slowest week of the year in terms of people putting out music videos, what with Christmas arriving dead in the middle and nobody needing to fill up office dead-time by staring…   Read Story »