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A few years ago, the only Joanna pics you'd see painted her to be a sylvan nymph. Now she's casually popping up on street style blogs, even when they don't realize it's her. Such is the…   Read Story »
Between movie trailers and French presidential campaigns and your mom's iPod, "Kids" was pretty inescapable in 2008. And while Ray Tintori's just-released video for the Oracular Spectacular standout…   Read Story »
Last time we posted a Victoria's Secret bra ad, Lykke Li provided the music while Heidi Klum sold us on the Ipex line's microsmooth fabric and nipple concealment. In this new spot, Miranda Kerr…   Read Story »
I'm not the only one at Stereogum who goes out to see live music, but I'm the one who goes out to see the most live music. And then I'm the one who sits around anally cataloging and indexing it in…   Read Story »
After the ascension of Devendra & Co., when I hear "freak folk" I hear "bank," so even though Joanna distanced herself from that "soulless, mindless, watered-down, image-obsessed, artless stab at…   Read Story »
Last we heard from indie rock's most enchanting woodland creature, she was performing for douchebags and Bj√∂rk in Chelsea. Fortunately the crowd was better behaved for a one-off gig at Somerset…   Read Story »
Thanks to Paper mag, yesterday we learned Joanna Newsom is beautiful. And tells a mean dick joke. To celebrate at least one, if not both, of those amazing attributes, the magazine invited J. News to…   Read Story »
Longtime New York magazine Paper is launching its annual "Beautiful People" issue, with Joanna Newsom on the cover. Over at the site, they have some video of Newsom during her photo shoot, where she…   Read Story »
By Amrit Singh Usually when I fall for an artist, I'm left a love-blinded fool, a sorry slave to a surge of endorphins, certain that the only reason said artist isn't your favorite artist is because…   Read Story »
Who would've guessed that when Devendra Banhart isn't showing folks around his crib or popping a Spiritual Boner on Conan, he'd be busy making mixtapes for Lindsay Lohan? Looks like the kindly folkie…   Read Story »