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I'm not crying, I just have a little dust in my eyes. No, really: Coachella's second day was largely engulfed by a more manageable (but still annoying!) version of the dust storm that turned last…   Read Story »
The first of this year's two Coachella weekends kicks off the day after tomorrow, and the festival has just revealed its schedule for this year. As usual, with any six-stage show, there are going to…   Read Story »
Lollapalooza Argentina went down this past weekend, and we're just now getting our first reports of rock-star hijinks. Arcade Fire experienced their second heinous act of heinous bobblehead thievery,…   Read Story »
Julian Casablancas's recent live shows with his new backing band the Voidz have been, by most accounts, an absolute godawful nightmare. (I saw him at SXSW, and yeesh.) This past weekend, he played at…   Read Story »
We've seen a highly promising trailer and a less than promising SXSW gig in the leadup to the forthcoming album by Julian Casablancas + The Voidz. Now here's an eight-minute mini-documentary in which…   Read Story »
Julian Casablancas and his new band the Voidz played two shows during SXSW. The first, Thursday night at Cedar Street Courtyard, was a short hit-less headlining performance that included five new…   Read Story »
After recent shows in Pensacola and New Orleans, Julian Casablancas hit SXSW with his new backing band the Voidz last night for a headlining set at the Chevrolet Courtyard. Placed at the end of what…   Read Story »
Julian Casablancas + The Voidz kept their tour of pre-SXSW semi-secret shows rolling along last night with a stop at The Handlebar in Pensacola, Florida. And while the New Orleans stop yielded lots…   Read Story »
UPDATE: Looks like the Voidz will play Pensacola tonight. // Last week we saw a very enticing teaser video for a new album from what's being dubbed as Julian Casablancas + The Voidz. No further…   Read Story »
Given that his name popped up on a number of festival bills, we'd been anticipating a new Julian Casablancas solo joint this year, and it looks like that wish is coming true. The Strokes frontman…   Read Story »