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Atmospheric pop-experimentalist Julian Lynch has been known to put out some … experimental music videos (here’s looking at you, “decrepit stuffed rabbit doll”). His latest, though, seems to…   Read Story »
Musician/ethnomusicologist/PhD student Julian Lynch released a whimsical and creepy video for his track "Gloves" off of the album Lines, released last month. In the video -- directed by Sarah Kinlaw…   Read Story »
The New Jersey bedroom-psych wooze-artist Julian Lynch makes music that sounds the way your brain feels when you're at work and your kid has kept you up all night (not that I'm speaking from…   Read Story »
In January, we heard Julian Lynch's first single "Carlos Kelleyi I" off his fourth album, Lines, due out later this month. His most recent release, "Gloves," is like a lullaby; Lynch's lilting voice…   Read Story »
New Jersey psychedelic experimentalist/University of Wisconsin-Madison Anthropology and Ethnomusicology PhD student Julian Lynch has released three albums of woozy, textured, folk-inflected…   Read Story »
In the video for "Back," a song by the lo-fi artist Julian Lynch, a mysterious silhouetted figure sits on riverbanks and mountains and rooftops, playing music. He also smashes a keyboard in…   Read Story »
Jersey lo-fi mafia consigliere and heady sound-warper Julian Lynch is getting ready to release an EP of twinkly instrumental music that he recorded for the animated film How Mata Hari Lost Her Head…   Read Story »
Julian Lynch's warping, wobbling Mare offers an enjoyable trip down memory lane for folks who used to view Forced Exposure and Chemical Imbalance as druggier versions of the New Testament. Even if…   Read Story »
With fall on the horizon, we're escaping a slow summer and shifting into that final, fertile phase of the music year's release cycle. Which makes it a ripe time to get some perspective on the year,…   Read Story »
I mentioned Julian Lynch's Garden State affiliations when posting "Just Enough." Fittingly, he's followed it up with fellow Mare track, "In New Jersey." The trippy Stephanie Wuertz-directed video for…   Read Story »