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Every year the A.V. Club does its Undercover series, which begins with a big list of songs and each week allows a band to pick one of those songs to cover. The catch is, once that song is covered, it…   Read Story »
Kate Bush's 1985 single "Running Up That Hill" conjures a soulfully dusky vibe not far off from the feelings Wye Oak elicited on their bass-and-keyboards excursion Shriek, so it's a perfect fit for…   Read Story »
The big news from Solange's Coachella set came when her big sister Beyoncé joined her onstage for a giddy synchronized dance to "Losing You." But Solange's Coachella set was still full of…   Read Story »
Kate Bush does things according to her own schedule. When she released her beautiful, confounding album 50 Words For Snow in 2011, it was her first all-new studio effort in six years. But her absence…   Read Story »
You know you've transcended to "legend" status when critics use your name as an adjective. These days, "Kate Bush-ian" is a shortcut descriptor (usually a lazy one — and one I've overused myself)…   Read Story »
All last week, heavy rumors were flying that Kate Bush, a woman who never performs live anymore, would put in an appearance as part of last night's Olympic closing ceremonies, a truly epic display of…   Read Story »
Lots of good music videos this week! Serial killers! Shadow-puppet dogs! Primary colors! Air rifles! Inexplicably clownish rap-star art direction! Members of the extended Stereogum family! There's…   Read Story »
Kate Bush's "Lake Tahoe" is a near-ambient 11-minute piece of music about a spirit woman searching for her lost dog, and it's somehow one of the more straightforward songs on her beguilingly weird…   Read Story »
The Brit Awards are the UK's annual equivalent to the Grammys, and our British friends have a way of making their award-nominations lists look just slightly cooler than ours. And this year's list of…   Read Story »
Even for a longtime iconoclast like Kate Bush, the song "Misty" is a true flight of fancy -- a thirteen-minute-plus tragic reverie about a woman who gets busy with a snowman. When the track is…   Read Story »