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Fall Out Boy will release their latest album, American Beauty/American Psycho, next week, and they'll do so with the kind of saturation most musicians can only dream of. Their stadium anthem…   Read Story »
In the never-ending curious case of Radiohead, you have a slew of their most iconic songs out there -- beloved, covered, cited. Songs that have little to nothing to do with them now, whether they're…   Read Story »
It's at least a little bit insane to write a column called The Week In Pop this week and not write it about Taylor Swift. A lot of times we use this space to tackle one of the week's biggest pop…   Read Story »
My first exposure to Sugarland was the video for "Stuck Like Glue," a 2010 single that injected a shot of unexpected quirk to the heavily codified country radio landscape. I hadn't paid close…   Read Story »
Here's something we missed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon the night before last. Fallon and guest Joseph Gordon-Levitt, apparently friends in real life, got together to sing karaoke and do…   Read Story »
Tokyo Police Club has been unraveling a covers series for Polaroid -- ten songs culled from each of the last ten years -- and a few more of these have surfaced. Check out covers of LCD Soundsystem's…   Read Story »
Kings Of Leon released a new single and video this week and dozens (dozens!) of you lurkers stepped up to discuss it. KoL has become an increasingly hot button act on this site as we've witnessed the…   Read Story »
We found out a month ago that Arcade Fire and Spike Jonze were collaborating on something secret and on the theme of "friends growing apart." Over the weekend the band threw a postcard on their site…   Read Story »
A curious thing happened to Kelly Clarkson since being American Idol's first and most successful champion. She became an underdog. In the midst of experimenting with rock and country songs, and…   Read Story »
Kelly dear, we know this cross-talk with Clive has been traumatizing, but why'd you have to go and bring Amy Lee into it? Although you had to see it coming...   Read Story »