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Kindness is British-born singer/songwriter Adam Bainbridge and his band of soulful dance party creators/enthusiasts, an outfit in possession of the wonderful debut LP World, You Need A Change Of…   Read Story »
British indie funker Kindness has been a familiar name around these parts for a while; we've posted his "Gee Up" and "Cyan" videos and his "SEOD" track. In about a week, his album World, You Need A…   Read Story »
UK indie funk artist Kindness first made a blip in 2009 with a cover of the Replacements' "Swingin' Party," eventually releasing that as a single alongside B-side "Gee Up." Now, as his debut LP…   Read Story »
Following up on Kindness's "Cyan" is "SEOD," a slab of spacious, sensual house-inflected turntable candy out on 12" white vinyl with a dub mix by Philippe Zdar. For the record, Zdar will produce the…   Read Story »
A couple weeks ago, whiteboy funk auteur Kindness awoke from a period of inactivity to drop "Kindness," and now that wonky disco jam has a video that finds Adam Bainbridge strolling through NYC,…   Read Story »
Whiteboy funk auteur Kindness rarely surfaces, but when he does, he's the creator of lean, fucked-up-sounding disco jams. The song was produced by Phillipe Zdar, who also engineered Phoenix's…   Read Story »