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For the Adrian Buitenhuis-directed video for L.A. new wavers Kisses' "Huddle," the duo adds a pint-size percussionist into the mix, who also seems to function as the band's voice of reason -- at…   Read Story »
After being away for a few years, the new-wavey Los Angeles duo Kisses returned with a new single called "Funny Heartbeat." Now they're getting ready to release their sophomore album Kids In L.A.,…   Read Story »
LA duo Kisses are gearing up to release their sophomore album and are kicking it off with "The Hardest Part." Those familiar with the band's output will notice they've taken a turn from their…   Read Story »
The breezy L.A. synthpop duo Kisses are back at it again. Their new track "Funny Heartbeat" is a glistening, sun-dazed lightweight dance tune with production from Tim Larcombe and Saint Etienne's…   Read Story »
With the GOP's impending Florida primary dominating national discourse this week, California outfit Princeton come through with a finely cut indie-pop nugget well timed to ride some sweet politico…   Read Story »
While L.A. indie poppers Kisses are at work on their second LP, they've put out a digital single through their website: a cover of Robert Palmer's "Johnny And Mary." Download the track…   Read Story »
Kisses are in the UK right now supporting their just-released debut album. But they'll be in New York for CMJ, where they're playing eight shows over five days. Their self-titled single, "Kisses" is…   Read Story »
This past weekend L.A. hosted the heavily (and according to various reports, perhaps overly) attended Fuck Yeah Festival. Great lineup, though apparently not the most easily navigated festival…   Read Story »
"People Can Do The Most Amazing Things," the late night single from California duo Kisses, has an ominous video to match the track's tone. It doesn't seem ominous at first -- the clip begins with…   Read Story »
Kisses (Princeton's Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson) last did "Bermuda," an airy summer single and a nice introduction to the band. "People Can Do The Most Amazing Things" is a late nite version of…   Read Story »