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This is the time of year when everyone gets very confused and worried about who's going to win big at the Grammys, and we are not facing down the sad likelihood that the music industry is about to…   Read Story »
Last year, the British singer and producer Kwes. released his ilp. album, which featured a lovely and off-kilter pop song called "Rollerblades." To tell you anything much about the song's striking,…   Read Story »
London singer/producer Kwes. will release ilp, his first full-length album, next month, and first single "36" is a beautifully floaty plastic-soul song that doesn't require the same brain-energy as…   Read Story »
The London-based singer and producer Kwes. has made a name for himself by fusing elegant, inward-looking R&B with heady, IDM-infused bass music, like a less white version of James Blake. After…   Read Story »
Earlier this year, the British singer and producer Kwes. released the hushed and minimal Meantime EP. And now, Kwes. is just starting to beef up that song, bringing a bit of breezy, carefree…   Read Story »
Back in 2009, the spare electro-pop singer and producer Kwes. and the twitchy postpunk-pop genre-combiner Mica Levi, better known and Micachu, got together to release a mixtape called Kwesachu.…   Read Story »
The British electro-pop singer and producer Kwes. will release his much-touted debut EP Meantime next week, and we've already posted the single "Igoyh." And now we've got a video for "bashful.,"…   Read Story »
The London electronic-pop singer/producer Kwes. will release his debut EP Meantime next month, and it's already getting a ton of positive notice. On the track below, you can hear why. It's a finely…   Read Story »