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The great Southern fuzz-metal band Kylesa earned themselves Album Of The Week distinctions earlier this year for the searching, soaring, melodic LP Ultraviolent, and with their new video for the…   Read Story »
We've been playing the hell out Kylesa's new record, Ultraviolet, around here -- it was our Album Of The Week the last week of May, and then it made our list of the Top 25 Albums Of 2013 So Far.…   Read Story »
Georgian sludge-metal outfit Kylesa has had us at full attention these days: Tom called their new Ultraviolet “one of the year’s best rock LPs thus far”; it was our Album Of The Week to close…   Read Story »
Thanks to the thundering two-drummer onslaught of their live shows and the basement-punk fury of their 2009 album Static Tensions, Savannah's Kylesa were probably already my favorite active metal…   Read Story »
Savannah, Georgia sludge-metal warriors Kylesa started out as a slobbering two-drummer beast of a band, and they're still that. But on their last two albums, they've been injecting their ferocious…   Read Story »
Yesterday, Kylesa topped our list of the month's best new metal, and today, they close out April with the release of a new track from the forthcoming Ultraviolet, "We're Taking This." Philip Cope is…   Read Story »
Metal in 2013 will to some extent be defined by two stories that made their debuts in April, one of which was included on our list of the month's best songs, the other which was not but deserves to…   Read Story »
I just spent a few hundred words discussing the ways in which Ghost B.C. are mislabeled "metal," but you could say the same thing about Kylesa at this point, too. Not that the Kylesa sound anything…   Read Story »
The great Savannah, Georgia metal maulers Kylesa -- easily my favorite metal band in the world over the last few years -- have a new album called Ultraviolet coming in a couple of months, and they've…   Read Story »
Kylesa's excellent 2010 album Spiral Shadow pushed the Georgian metal band's boundaries into something else entirely -- namely, early-'90s alternative rock. That may sound like a slight but it's not…   Read Story »