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The Bravest Man In The Universe, soul legend Bobby Womack's first album of original songs in 18 years, is out next month. It's produced by Damon Albarn and XL's Richard Russell. We've already heard…   Read Story »
For a second, a Keds commercial starring a young, blonde Lana Del Rey lived on YouTube, but it's been removed thanks to a UMG copyright claim. (Keds has confirmed that it was indeed LDR, though.) In…   Read Story »
Lana Del Rey finally has a (rather pricey) handbag! Going to let the product description set this up for you: The Del Rey was inspired by American singer Lana Del Rey's nostalgic references to…   Read Story »
Boy, was I ever dreading this blog-post assignment. Before actually clicking the link Scott sent over, I imagined that the Duke a cappella group would be the single most loathsome collection of…   Read Story »
We recently saw Lana Del Rey in a pre-taped performance on American Idol. Earlier tonight she sang on another singing competition, The Voice UK, but the performance was taped yesterday. So live TV's…   Read Story »
Smims&Belle is the new DJ project from Mark Foster and Isom Innis, two members of Foster The People. Judging by their first big remix, I'm delighted to note that they sound nothing like Foster The…   Read Story »
Lana Del Rey has compiled a video for the Born To Die cut "Carmen" that mixes old film clips with behind-the-scenes footage of her hanging out, looking glamorous. Her YouTube description: "BIO PIC."…   Read Story »
Recently, Lana Del Rey recorded a session for BBC Radio's Live Lounge. Those sessions always include covers, and for hers, LDR took on "Goodbye Kiss," a song from the inexplicably-still-popular…   Read Story »
Last night at London's Camden Jazz Cafe, Lana Del Rey played a small show for a crowd of contest-winners, and she used the opportunity to debut the Born To Die song "Carmen," singing over a tinkly…   Read Story »
Lana Del Rey's transition from internet fame to something resembling actual real-life fame has been a bumpy and fascinating one. To wit: Last week, it was rumored that she was dating Marilyn Mason,…   Read Story »