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Laurel Halo followed up her stunning album Quarantine this year with Chance Of Rain, which marked a return to her techno roots. This remix of Factory Floor's "Turn It Up" finds Halo in an airier and…   Read Story »
Brooklyn synth quease-queen Laurel Halo stays busy. A year ago, she released her dense, nauseous, generally just off album Quarantine, and she's already set to follow it up with a new LP called A…   Read Story »
The last time we got to hear a full Laurel Halo album was 2012's Quarantine, a record that was beautiful, grotesque, and one of the best albums of the year. She's back with a new one titled A Chance…   Read Story »
The foreboding synth experimenter Laurel Halo named her new EP Behind The Green Door after a famed '70s porn movie, and the latest track she's shared from it is called "Sex Mission," so maybe there's…   Read Story »
After experimenting with three formats for the Monthly Mix -- MP3 zip, Spotify playlist, Soundcloud set, etc. -- in March we finally came upon a solution that pleased everyone: all of them. And so,…   Read Story »
The first we heard from Laurel Halo this year, after a monumental 2012, was a remix of John Cale's "Living With You." Now she is back with her own material -- an EP slated for release next month --…   Read Story »
Last year, the eternally boss Velvet Underground legend John Cale released his queasy and perplexingly titled solo album Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood. And now, the drone-pop…   Read Story »
Laurel Halo will followup this year's full-length debut for Hyperdub, Quarantine, with one more 2012 release -- a 12" due 12/10 for the label titled "Sunlight On The Faded." Like the LP, Halo's…   Read Story »
Quarantine is the full-length debut by Laurel Halo for Kode9's Hyperdub label. As "Light And Space" suggested, it builds and expands upon Halo's recent string of promising, experimental synth-based…   Read Story »
A few years ago, when Laurel Halo started catching the attention of websites like this one, she brought an instantly recognizable voice and look to the notoriously insular and often nebbishy world of…   Read Story »