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Mainstream American rock music, as you might recall, was in rough shape in the late ’90s. The Alt-Nation era had run out of road for the most part, giving way to legions of awful post-grunge and nu-metal bands soundtracking extreme energy-drink commercials and extreme-sports video games. These were dark times. This was at a time… More »

My most vivid Les Savy Fav concert memory involves shirtless, bearlike frontman Tim Harrington shoving a microphone below his belt line, grabbing a nearby audience member by the head, pulling that head against his crotch and forcing the dude to scream into the mic through his pants. It was opening night of CMJ 2003 i… More »

Tim Harrington scarcely needs an introduction, but we’ll give him one anyway. He’s the front man for Les Savy Fav, where he consistently delivers gritty art-punk while staging a one-man performance art piece. His onstage skylarking — including acrobatic set climbing, public wardrobe changes, and frenetic audience interplay — has made Les Savy Fav one… More »

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Nor-wave Goodbye To Oslo: Stereogum @ Øya 2006

One thing to know about Oslo: Most people are honest (except cabbies), friendly (except customs agents), extremely beautiful (no exceptions), and obsessed with the export…
Amrit Singh | August 15, 2006 - 9:06 pm

Les Savy Fav @ McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn 7/9/06

Thanks to everyone who made it out to Les Savy Fav at McCarren Park yesterday for the Stereogum/Ice Cream Man-curated kick-off of JellyNYC's rock 'n'…
Scott Lapatine | July 10, 2006 - 1:57 pm

Les Savy Fav Coming To A Brooklyn Near You

Dave spilled the beans before I was able to tell you guys, but on July 9th, Stereogum & Ice Cream Man will be curating a…
Scott Lapatine | June 12, 2006 - 4:14 pm
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