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Liars' Tom Biller-produced fifth album, the first recorded Stateside since They Were Wrong, looks at "alternate spaces people create in order to maintain identity in a city like LA ... where outcasts…   Read Story »
A couple weeks ago we gave you Rafter's remix of Asthmatic Kitty electro-pop labelmates Fol Chen's "No Wedding Cake." The Highland Park, CA sextet's AK debut Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune's Made…   Read Story »
This weekend San Francisco hosted the first-ever Outside Lands Festival. We're still nursing hangovers from a long summer of fests, so in our stead we sent Heather of I Am Fuel You Are Friends to…   Read Story »
Alan Vega and Martin Rev, aka dark lo-fi electro-duo Suicide, were amazing in their heyday, especially when you consider they formed in 1971, pre-dating and influencing a shit-load of post-punk,…   Read Story »
Note to you concert lovers out there: If you want to see your favorite act over multiple nights, just become the biggest band in the world. Then you can invite them to tour with you and watch them…   Read Story »
It's entirely possible you don't check Stereogum as often as we do, so drag your mouse to this link and click to download our tribute to Björk's Post. It's essentially a list of our favorite bands…   Read Story »
Stereogum's complete 12-track Enjoyed comp is live and ready to be downloaded (for free). Yep, 12. Because No Age cooked up an excellent alternate take on "It's Oh So Quiet," which we wanted to keep…   Read Story »
Liars On "Army Of Me" "We were in Belgium when we got this call. I became sleepless with excitement -- tossing and turning thinking of Post. Immediately my brain got stuck on that bass line from…   Read Story »
Liars fans take note: On Monday we unleash Enjoyed -- our tribute to Björk's Post -- and Angus & Co.'s take on album opener "Army Of Me" will bury you. Liars fans also take note: Along with liking…   Read Story »
By Amrit Singh You could almost hear the collective moan come from Brooklyn when news broke that Liars's manic lead man Angus Andrew had thrown out his back a few weeks ago (picking up a pillow, of…   Read Story »