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The other day we gave you Lily Allen's day in the life, which involved pink hair, hamburgers, paparazzi and her lunch date's cleavage. Today there are some graver matters for Lily, who's taken it…   Read Story »
Not Macca style, unfortunately. But still, fun! Lil often uses her blog as a portal to her brain via textual whoaversharing, but this photospread (with captions) of a recent day in L.A. -- featuring…   Read Story »
Lil went blonde. Then she went topless. Over at her blog, she has an entry that talks about those NSFW photos as well as her current listening habits. This is what's on her iPod: listening to Robert…   Read Story »
A lot's gone down since last we checked in with the Lily Allen Programme. Like going whole hog with her Blondie love via a bottle of peroxide. Also, today lucky subscribers of Lily's MySpace blog…   Read Story »
When we snoozed through a clip of the premiere of lovely Lily's BBC Three show, we offered up four points of advice to make her next installment less painful. And she listened to us! About not…   Read Story »
The next chapter in Lily Allen's turbulent time in the public eye got its premiere broadcast Monday night on BBC 3. Early reports from the talk show's first filming were discouraging: over a third of…   Read Story »
A couple weeks after we heard about Lily Allen's tragic loss, according to The Sun, it looks like she's been dumped by Chemical Brother Ed Simons, bringing their five-month relationship to a close.…   Read Story »
We haven't officially congratulated Lily yet on her pregnancy, so here goes: Congrats on the Chemical baby, Lily. (Should we make a third nipple joke? OK, done.) We'd also like to extend our hands…   Read Story »
We knew Billy Corgan loved ELO, but had no idea Lily would go from covering the Pretenders to the Light Orchestra's "Mister Blue Sky." Very squiggly. We've seen folks talking about it as the…   Read Story »
As we already knew, not everyone's into Radiohead's it's-really-up-to-you approach to In Rainbows. But now Lily Allen's got something to say about it. Via Channel 4:Lily Allen has branded Radiohead…   Read Story »