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We knew Billy Corgan loved ELO, but had no idea Lily would go from covering the Pretenders to the Light Orchestra's "Mister Blue Sky." Very squiggly. We've seen folks talking about it as the…   Read Story »
As we already knew, not everyone's into Radiohead's it's-really-up-to-you approach to In Rainbows. But now Lily Allen's got something to say about it. Via Channel 4:Lily Allen has branded Radiohead…   Read Story »
/img/album_covers/radio1_established_1967.jpg /tag/Radio 1 Established 1967   Read Story »
No, not "The Pretender" -- the Pretenders, that band fronted by Chrissie Hynde and her Fiery Furnace bangs: Our favorite chicken-soup spoonin' MySpacer takes a leisurely, sunny stab at "Don't Get Me…   Read Story »
Last time a track (Feat.) Lily Allen got the vid treatment was Mark Ronson's Kaiser Chiefs cover "Oh My God," and Mark decided to set Lil's voice to an animated Jessica Rabbit-type. But dapper…   Read Story »
This morning at 6:44 a.m., under the headline "I'm Sick , Gigs Cancelled," our favorite singing blogger Lily Allen posted this note at her MySpace (typos hers):I've have literally been around the…   Read Story »
Even we had to raise an eyebrow when none-too-shy MySpace blogger (and VMA-approved recording artist, mind) Lily Allen posted "One night with [Courtney] made me realise why Kurt (Cobain) killed…   Read Story »
Lily lends her voice for yet another collab, and it ain't bad. Last time she was getting grimy with Dizzee, and here she sings along to Chicago hip-hop good guy Common on "Drive Me Wild," from Com's…   Read Story »
On a recent taping of the UK's Friday Night Project (think Saturday Night Live with lots more Big Brother jokes), Ms. Allen was the host/musical guest and used the opportunity to show her acting…   Read Story »
We didn't make the train to Glastonbury this year (soon we promise, loyal UK readers), but it's not like the Brit press is lacking for coverage. From what we can tell, there was lots of rain, no…   Read Story »