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On their album Chorus, the Philadelphia band Literature show an equal love of the '60s and '80s forms of jangle. One of their catchiest songs is "New Jacket," a glimmering lo-fi romp. In its new…   Read Story »
Literature's new Chorus (which you can stream here) is a record that really earns the adjective "kaleidoscopic." Their music is lovingly indebted to '60s pop, while being in tune with the jangling…   Read Story »
Philadelphia band Literature showed a total adoration for Kinks-style '60s pop on their recent single "The English Softhearts," and their new album, Chorus, explores that sound even further. They…   Read Story »
The cover for Literature's sophomore album is a collage of flowers, cut up haphazardly and squished together in an explosion of color. Similarly, "The English Softhearts" is a pastiche of earlier…   Read Story »