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"Headphones" is the new single from the endlessly lovable British dance-popper Little Boots, and it's all about keeping your headphones on when you're at the club. In the Bullion Collective-directed…   Read Story »
Hands, the debut album from perma-charming British dance diva Little Boots, is now three years old, and she's finally putting some new jams out into the world, like the tracks "Shake" and "I Wish." A…   Read Story »
The endlessly likable British electro-popper Little Boots, blessedly, has returned to our welcoming arms after too long away. We've already posted her new single "Shake" and its attendant Azari & III…   Read Story »
Victoria Hesketh aka tenori-on slinger/breast-supporter Little Boots has an LP to followup her 2009 debut Hands. It's still untitled, but lead single "Shake" exists as a middling techno/house opening…   Read Story »
It's been a while since we've heard from UK electro pop standout Victoria Hesketh -- also known as Little Boots -- but she's back with a new single, "Shake." Stream the song, which is the first track…   Read Story »
This past weekend, bill-sharing fellows Reading and Leeds were tasked with distracting a nation still reeling from the death of its Oasis. Their secret weapons were unannounced sets by Them Crooked…   Read Story »
On the heels of their resounding return to form "Raindrops," UK electrobeat gurus Basement Jaxx are now busy leaking scraps from their forthcoming Scars. Smart move since everybody's wondering if any…   Read Story »
Aside from some heavy rains on Thursday and some quick showers Sunday, the throngs at Worthy Farm this year enjoyed some of the best weather in Glastonbury history. In return, the impressive lineup…   Read Story »
Next week Victoria Hesketh puts out her full-length debut in the UK, Hands (streaming on MySpace). She's not quite ready for a full-length closeup Stateside, although Little Boots is not leaving this…   Read Story »
Hands, the full-length electropop debut from oft-remixed bra spokeswoman Victoria Hesketh, can be heard on MySpace. The LP will be out in the US via the just-revived Elektra label (Justice's new home…   Read Story »