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Liz Phair and Everclear both hit their creative and commercial peaks in the '90s, but the two occupied vastly different ends of the alt-rock spectrum. And so it's kind of hilarious to see a press…   Read Story »
As chronicled by Tom last Friday, Exile In Guyville made Liz Phair an indie rock hero. The album blazed new trails: a woman invading (and mostly besting) a boys-club genre, addressing the thrills and…   Read Story »
The past decade of Liz Phair has been a bit weird and awkward. There were the two flawed but intriguing major-label albums, failed crossover bids both, which led to the music press treating Phair…   Read Story »
Name: Liz Phair Progress Report: Phair chats about People Like Us, her sometimes confusing career, and what she wants to do next. While in Los Angeles this week I had the chance to do a quick…   Read Story »
On her extremely bizarre and kinda-funny 2010 album Funstyle, Liz Phair played around with Bollywood sounds, which was not something anyone ever expected with her. And on the soundtrack to the…   Read Story »
Two years ago, Liz Phair self-released her bizarre and bridge-burning Funstyle album. And now she's suddenly just now released a video for one of that album's better song's, the melodic-as-all-hell…   Read Story »
Her album and her Saturday Night Live performance both took critical poundings, but Lana Del Rey has already found one important celebrity pseudo-defender in Kristen Wiig. And now Liz Phair, a…   Read Story »
SXSW 2011 came and went -- we have the portraits to prove it -- but it doesn't mean those days in Austin aren't still spitting out worthwhile mementos... Like Fred Armisen before him, Ted Leo…   Read Story »
Liz Phair knows something about the Rolling Stones -- her Exile In Guyville album matches the songs and pacing of the Stones's Exile On Main Street -- but she doesn't have much in common…   Read Story »
So that happened. It'll take a few days of drying out and shutting eyes to come to terms with all that transpired in Las Vegas this weekend, though in the spirit of Matador's three-day, boozy, purely…   Read Story »